torque and acceleration




1)††††††† The rotational equivalent of force is _______________________† .



2)††††††† The rotational equivalent of mass is _______________________† .



3)††††††† If you were standing on a spinning disc accelerating at 1.2 rad/s2, and you were standing 1.5 m from its rotational axis, what would be the magnitude of your tangential acceleration?









4)††††††† How much torque is needed to make a 9.5 kgm2 object accelerate at 4.2 rad/s2?









5)††††††† If you applied a 37 Nm torque to an object and found its acceleration to be 1.8 rad/s2, what is the objectís moment of inertia?











6)††††††† A 4.5 kg sphere with a 0.25 m radius is spinning at 7.5 rad/s. How much torque is needed to bring it to a stop in 1.5 seconds? The moment of inertia for a solid sphere is (2/5)MR2.












7)††††††† How much force, applied perpendicular to the radius, is needed to bring the sphere from Question 6 from 7.5 rad/s to a stop in 1.5 seconds?

















8)††††††† A tangential force of 75 N is applied to the edge of a 3.0 kg disc initially at rest. The radius of the disc is 0.35 m, and the equation for its moment of inertia is (1/2)MR2. Find angular acceleration, then calculate the angular speed after the disc has spun two full rotations.

















9)††††††† The moment of inertia for a hollow sphere is (2/3)MR2. Take a 5.5 kg sphere and apply a 25 N force to its 2.5 m radius. If it starts at rest, how many radians will it spin in 18 seconds?