Relative Velocity and

2-D Kinematics




1)        Imagine a car moving at 31 m/s 22° south of east. If it accelerated at 1.6 m/s2 due north for 2.0 seconds, what would be its displacement during the acceleration?
















2)        If you were running at 4.5 m/s 28° east of north, then accelerated at 0.95 m/s2 9.0° west of north for 1.5 seconds, what would be your final velocity?
















3)        You’re flying at 35 m/s 58° west of north. Find the acceleration needed to make you travel 55 m/s 18° east of north in 6.1 seconds.










4)        A kangaroo is moving at 4.8 m/s 54° west of north with respect to a train. The ground is moving at 14 m/s 18° south of west with respect to the train. How fast is the kangaroo moving with respect to the ground?




















5)        A person walking across the deck of a boat is moving at 6.5 m/s 28° north of east with respect to the shore. The person is moving at 1.8 m/s 14° north of east with respect to the boat. How fast is the boat moving with respect to the shore?