Non-uniform Circular Motion




1)††††††† If the centripetal acceleration of a car turning a circular corner is 1.30 m/s2 while slowing at a rate of 0.650 m/s2, what is the magnitude of the carís total acceleration? Also, draw a sketch showing the carís velocity and acceleration vectors.
















2)††††††† A car accelerates from 4.5 m/s to 8.6 m/s over 2.5 s, while turning a corner with a radius of 31 m. Find the magnitude of the tangential and radial accelerations when the carís instantaneous speed is 7.5 m/s.













3)††††††† The magnitude of a carís total acceleration is 4.5 m/s2 while turning a circular corner. At the instant the car is heading north, its speed is 6.4 m/s and its total acceleration is 28į to the west of north. What is the radius of the circle?