Hills and Projectiles



1)         Shoot a red plastic rocket from the window of your physics classroom, 5.00 m above the ground. If the rocket is launched 20.0º above horizontal at 33.0 m/s, how high will it go?

















2)         You’re standing on top of a cliff 25.0 m high. You throw a baseball at 15.0 m/s, 40.0º above horizontal. How high will it go? How far will it move horizontally?

















3)         A football is kicked from level ground at 28.0 m/s, 40.0º above the horizontal. How high will it go? When will the ball be 1.50 m above the ground?














4)         Stand on a roof 12.0 m high. Throw a stone at 8.50 m/s, 25.0º below (not above) horizontal. How far will the stone move horizontally?






















5)         A golfer hits a ball from a tee 7.50 m lower than the place where the ball will land. The ball leaves the tee at 42.0 m/s, 30.0º above the horizontal. How far does the ball travel horizontally?