Computational Physics Class Policies




You will be expected to make an honest effort, to come prepared for class, and to show respect for yourself and those around you.


You should bring with you a 3-ring binder (not a spiral-bound notebook) as well as pens/pencils, paper, and a scientific calculator. Your homework should be complete. Also, keep in mind that homework is not always graded. It sometimes includes reading or reviewing problems you have already done.



You are encouraged to talk with your classmates about your homework. Physics has its own language, and you will get better with the language if you speak it aloud. However, duplicating someone else’s answers is not “working together,” it is plagiarism. If you are caught cheating both you and the other person will receive no credit for the assignment or test, and I will involve your parents and the administration immediately.



The grading scale is identical to the one given in the student handbook. Your grade is based on a weighted percentage, with tests providing 70% of your grade, and homework/labs providing the other 30%. Test grades are not curved.


Extra Credit

There is no extra credit given in this class. Please do not ask for exceptions. Your grade is based exclusively on tests, homework and labwork. You are encouraged to create essays, posters, videos, songs, puppet shows, et cetera, but they will not directly affect your grade.


Late Assignments

Assignments are due at the start of the class period. Homework turned in after this will be considered one day late. An assignment turned in one day late will be worth half credit. Assignments will not be accepted if they are two days late. If you come to class with your work unfinished and choose to copy answers from a fellow student, this is considered cheating and will be dealt with as described above.


Excused Absences

When you have an excused absence from my class, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. You can get this information from the website, from other students or by asking me directly. You are still required to do the work. Homework due on the day you were absent may be turned in on the day you return with no late penalty. If you missed labwork, it is likely that you will have to come in after school to do the work. Missing class does not excuse you from labwork.


If you are absent on the day of a test, you will take the test the day you return to school. However, if you missed any new material or a review session, you will be given an additional day to prepare for the exam.


You will have no opportunity to make up homework, labs or tests missed due to an unexcused absence.



If any part of your body passes through the classroom doorway after the final tone has sounded you are considered tardy, and you need to sign the attendance sheet by the door when you arrive. If you believe you have been incorrectly marked absent from a class, your record will be changed from absent to tardy only if your name is on this sheet.