Newtons 2nd and Motion Problems




1) Pull someone to the right with a force of 24 N. Someone else pulls him to the left with a force of 32 N. If the person being pulled has a mass of 75 kg what is his acceleration?








2) A 3.0 kg rock is sliding along the ice at 13 m/s, in a straight line, for 1.5 seconds. What is the net force on the rock?








3) Heres another 1-D problem. An object is sliding along at 5.5 m/s. A 25 N force is applied, and after it has slid for 15 m, its new speed is 9.5 m/s. What is the mass of the object?














4) Now its time for 2-D problems. A 62 kg person experiences a net force of 45 N, 40.0 north of east, for 6.6 seconds. If he starts from rest, what is his displacement?

















5) One day, an 8.5 kg object is sliding along at 20.0 m/s, 35 east of north. A 55 N force is applied, due north, for 3.0 seconds. Find the final velocity of the object.


















6) A car is moving at 24 m/s, 25 east of north. The mass of the car is 1100 kg. A 1320 N force directed 30.0 north of east is applied for 3.5 seconds. Find the cars final velocity.


















7) An 80.0 kg person is sliding along frictionless ice at 14 m/s, 35 north of east, when he experiences a 192 N force, 65 north of east, for 4.1 seconds. Find his displacement after the 4.1 seconds.