2-D Motion (so far)




1)††††††† A river flows N35E at 2.3 m/s with respect to a boat. A person walks N55E at 1.8 m/s with respect to the boat. What is the velocity of the person with respect to the river?















2)††††††† Walk N25E for 97.5 m. Then walk 80.5 m east. Finally walk E22S for 51.0 m. What is your displacement?




















3)††††††† A bird is flying E37N at 7.5 m/s. A wind causes the bird to accelerate due east at 2.5 m/s2 for 1.25 seconds. Find the birdís final velocity.















4)††††††† Your initial velocity is N53W at 22 m/s. You accelerate N25E at 3.5 m/s2 for 9.5 seconds. Find your displacement.


















5)††††††† Throw a ball out the window. If the ball is initially 13 m above the ground, moving horizontally at 22 m/s, how far from the base of the building will it land?


















6)††††††† Kick a soccer ball at 26.0 m/s, 18.0 degrees above the horizontal. How far will it go?