2-D Displacement




1) Start at 1.5 km, E48S (also known as 48 south of east). Finish at 4.2 km, E32N. Calculate your displacement.
















2) Move 250 m 32 N of E. From there, move 120 m 65 E of N. Find your displacement?
















3) Fly from Detroit Metro Airport to San Francisco, which is 2400 miles W11S from Detroit. From San Francisco fly to San Diego, which is 2300 miles W18S from Detroit. From San Diego, fly to Lansing Capital City Airport, which is 93 miles N57W from Detroit. Find your displacement.
















4) If you were to travel from 3.5 km E25N to 6.8 km E53N, what would be your displacement?
















5) Move from your origin to 3.00 km 50.0 N of E. From this new location move 2.00 km 30.0 N of W. Calculate the displacement from the origin.
















6) Ready for three vectors? Again, start at the origin. From there go to 8.5 km 25 S of E. From there, move 25 km 15 W of N. From there, move an additional 35 km 65 W of N. What is your displacement from the origin?