Honors Physics

Questions - Week 9

  1. What are the four fundamental forces?
  2. Which of the four forces holds the nucleus together?
  3. Which of the four forces holds the electrons around the nucleus?
  4. Consider Newton's Second Law. Which is the cause, and which is the effect?
  5. Very roughly, one Newton is how many pounds?
  6. Throw a rock with a mass of 0.25 kg. How much force is required to keep it moving?
  7. Apply Newton's First Law to a driver in a front-end collision. Assume they have the good sense to be wearing a seat belt.
  8. What is the flaw in the reasoning that leads to the so-called "horse-cart paradox"?
  9. If you're sitting in a chair, you're exerting a downward force on the chair. The ground is exerting an equal and opposite for on the chair. Is this an action-reaction pair?
  10. The word "mass" actually refers to two very different things, with no obvious connection. What are they?
  11. How does the Higgs mechanism explain inertial mass?