Honors Physics

Questions - Week 30

  1. What causes electric forces?
  2. Name the only three conserved properties we have studied this year.
  3. If all other variables are kept constant, what happens to the magnitude of an electric force if the distance between two charges is doubled?
  4. Place an object with a positive charge in an electric field that is pointed east. Which way will the charge accelerate? Which way would it accelerate if the charge were negative?
  5. How large a field would be required to create a 5.0 N force on 1.0 Coulomb of charge?
  6. What electric field strength is needed to exert a 0.22 N force on a charge of 5.5(10-7)C?
  7. Take three charged objects and place them on the x-axis. The first charge is +11 microC, and is placed at +0.85 m. The second charge is -4.6 microC, and is placed at -0.22 m. The third charge is placed at the origin. If the net force on the charge at the origin is 6.0(10-4) N to the right, what is the charge at the origin?
  8. Use the Standard Model to explain how like charges repel and opposite charges attract.