Honors Physics

Questions - Week 25

  1. Consider the stress vs. strain graph for a moment. What word would you use to describe a material that had a large gap between the elastic limit and the breaking point? A small gap?
  2. What are the three kinds of elastic modulus, and what kind of change does each one describe?
  3. Does a large modulus mean something is easier to deform or more difficult?
  4. Hang a 0.25 kg rock from the end of a spring. If the spring stretches 0.25 m, what is the spring constant?
  5. A 1250 kg rock is lifted at a constant velocity by a metal cable with a radius equal to 0.0060 m and length equal to 2.5 m. The weight of the rock causes the cable to stretch by 0.0021 m. Find Young's modulus for the cable.
  6. Pluck a guitar string. The string vibrates sinusoidally, then dies out. What kind of motion is this?
  7. The volume of oil in a container is 0.200 m3. If the bulk modulus of the oil is 5.065(109) Pa, by what percentage will the volume change when the pressure increases by 2.04(107) Pa?