Honors Physics

Questions - Week 2

  1. You're standing by the side of the road when you see a car drive by. From your perspective, which of you is in the rest frame?

  2. What makes the Special Theory of Relativity so "special"?
  3. Do you remember the 2 postulates Einstein used to develop his theory?
  4. Let's say a car passes you at 0.75c. If 1.0 minute passes on your watch, would you see more or less than 1.0 minute pass on a clock inside the car?
  5. You observe a clock move past you at 0.955c. if you see 1.25 minutes pass on your watch, how much time would you see pass on the moving clock?
  6. While you're sitting in front of your house, a runner passes you at 0.750c. A bicyclist passes the runner at 0.925c, according to the runner. How fast do you measure the bicyclist to be moving?
  7. "Acceleration is the change in velocity." True or false?
  8. Light moves more slowly in water than it does in air. It is possible, using a huge particle accelerator, to get a particle such as an electron to move faster in a vacuum than the speed of light in water. Why does this NOT violate the theory of relativity?
  9. When did Einstein publish his theory of special relativity?

  10. Light moves faster than air than it does in glass. But isn't the speed of light always constant?