Honors Physics

Questions - Week 17

  1. What causes a change in momentum?
  2. If a falling squirrel were to land on soft grass or hard concrete, which would cause the greater impulse?
  3. An 1800 kg car moving west at 10.0 m/s hits and becomes locked to a 1000.0 kg car sitting at rest. What is their velocity after the collision?
  4. A 2.0 kg wooden block is resting on a frictionless table. A 0.10 kg metal dart moving at 200.0 m/s hits the block and sticks in it. How fast is the block/dart combo moving after the collision? Also, how much kinetic energy was lost?
  5. A bullet with a mass of 0.050 kg is fired into the side of a large oak tree. The bullet was moving at 400.0 m/s when it struck, and it penetrated 0.10 m into the tree. Please find
    a) the acceleration of the bullet
    b) the average accelerating force
    c) the time of the acceleration
    d) the impulse of the collision.